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This website is committed to providing a usable experience for anyone visiting it, regardless of technology or ability.

It strives to meet the level AA standards outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2. This guide helps to explain how to make web content easier to use for disabled people.

Accessibility features

The code powering this website is standards-compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The pages are structured with semantic elements like header, nav, main and footer. Hopefully this will help you move around more quickly. Heading h1 elements mark the main content area of each page, and each page’s structure should follow a logical heading order from there.

Every page on this website has a “skip to the main content” link at the top and bottom, as well as a “back to top" link at the very bottom which will return you to the start of this page / document.

Images and inline SVGs are described with text equivalents, to ensure everyone can access graphical content. You should be able to zoom each page up to at least 300% without any issues.

All form label and associated input fields use a unique value for their respective for and id attributes.

There are no javascript: pseudo-links. All links can be followed in any browser, even if scripting is turned off. There are no links that open new windows without warning.


This website has been tested on modern browsers, with occasional checks in older devices or browsers to make sure it’s usable. We frequently test our website with the VoiceOver screen reader as well as the built in screenreader for Microsoft Edge. We occasionally run accessibility audits in aXe and WAVE.

Possible issues

Sometimes we may embed media in our pages, like audio or video. Some of these pages may have media that isn't adequately described. We plan to correct this, but if you encounter confusing media, please email us to let us know.

Send us feedback

We do care about accessibility and take accessibility-related issues very seriously. We try to correct any issues as soon as we can. If there are any issues with this site's accessibility please email us and let us know. We welcome your feedback or suggestions.