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Outside view of the main house.


A great way to see what's on offer is to look through our photo gallery. Here are some pics of Boston T Party to give you a better idea of what we're about. You may even spot a few 'local residents'.


  • Outside view of accommodation building.
  • Outside view of accommodation buidling with hills in the dustance.
  • Inside view of a double en-suite room.
  • Inside view of a double bed en-suite room.
  • Inside view of two single bed en-suite room.
  • Communal shower area.
  • Tents pitched on the lawn near some small trees.


  • Bar and adjoined lounge area.
  • Bar area.
  • People looking happy standing around the bar.
  • People standing around the bar.
  • Seating area set up for a wedding.
  • Seating area set up for a wedding.
  • Bridal party standing on the front lawn.
  • A wedding ceremony on the lawn near to the dam.
  • A large outdoor event on the lawn.

BTP family

  • The Boston T Party hosts with their pets.
  • Rory & Sue Brighton holding hands walking through a field.
  • Rory Brighton working in his workshop.
  • Sue Brighton smiling and standing in a field.
  • Sue Brighton and her colleague Nester standing together smiling.
  • Felix working in the workshop.
  • A cat looking out a window.
  • Milo the dog looking up.
  • A cat sitting on a log outside.
  • A bunny on the lawn.
  • Curious goats standing in a field.
  • Two horses standing in a field.

Fun times

  • A person riding a motorbike.
  • A person swimming in the dam.
  • A person fishing from the dam jetty.
  • A person holding a fish they caught.
  • A canoe on the dam's shore.
  • A group of off-road motorcyclists.
  • A group of friends.
  • Man with a fish he caught.
  • Water fun near to the dam.
  • Men having a rope tug of war.
  • Woman on a swing near the dam.

Our grounds

  • Outside view of the main house.
  • Outside view of the main house and entrance lawn.
  • Big willow tree next to the dam edge.
  • Close up of thistle plant.
  • View of the stars above the dam at night.
  • View of the stars above silhouetted trees at night.
  • Two women walking in a beautiful field.
  • A person walking with their dog in the shallow stream.
  • A winter morning sunrise over the dam.
  • The Boston T Party dam.
  • A duck sitting on the swing near to the dam.
  • Cat sitting in the long grass near to the dam.