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We're busy redesigning the Boston T Party website and decided not to do it all in one go.

Don't worry, all the important information will still be available but the way the website looks will evolve and get better over time. So please bear with us as we improve things 'under the bonnet' and hopefully make your experience of the Boston T Party website even better — no matter what device you choose to visit us on.

Some new features

Here are some features we've implemented so far to hopefully enhance your experience of the Boston T Party website:

  • 'Responsive' content — This means the content on this website will repurpose / lay itself out optimally on whatever device or screen size you choose to use. Most importantly, this means the website should be far easier to use on a mobile device.
  • 'Accessible' content — We've tried to make our website as accessible and usable as possible. While we know that it is impossible to design a site that everyone can use, if you have problems using our site, please let us know and we will do our utmost to help.
  • 'Offline' content — Once you've visited our website once, we've made it possible for your device to hold a copy of the most important pages / content. This means that you will still be able to view this content even if you lose connection to the internet / data for some reason — rather than you ending up a blank page that's of no use to you!
  • 'Data' conservation — We have tried to optimise the amount of information your device needs to receive in order to visit and use the Boston T Party website. This will hopefully limit the 'hit' to your data usage.

Roadmap (future)

We intend to continually tweak our website to make it as usable and enjoyable to use as possible. Here are some potential features / enhancements we've earmarked for future development:

  • Photo gallery — Enhance the experience of viewing our gallery images.
  • Light / Dark Theme option — To allow you to choose what colour contrast option you prefer / is easier on your eyes when reading content.

Need to speak to us?

If there's something you can't find on our website or need to ask us something, please don't hesitate to get in touch.